Is Your Company Ahead of These Basic B2B Marketing Tips or Lagging Behind?

Is Your Company Ahead of These Basic B2B Marketing Tips or Lagging Behind?

Is Your Company Ahead of These Basic B2B Marketing Tips or Lagging Behind?


Right now, a lot of B2B Nigerian marketers are finding it difficult to match the fierce competition going on in the B2B marketing environment, especially as certain strategies such as programmatic ad purchasing and content marketing are being hyped. I really believe firmly that companies and businesses should not lag behind in what is trending. However, some previous basics could be probably underexplored, yet they present some goldmine in terms of moving a business forward.

The secret thing you should bear in mind about online marketing basics is that the pattern of the tactics never phases out although the supporting data and the manner of execution may vary with time.

Now, go ahead and review the following B2B online marketing basics and see whether you are meeting up;


#1: Case Studies

As the business environment appears to be getting more complex, consumers are also trying to delve deeper in finding out why businesses do what they do. Therefore, a company also has to continuously embark on problem-solution exercises. Case studies is one of the B2B marketing basics that shows how able a company is when it comes to solving various kinds of business-related problems.  In addition to using PDF file, the B2B case studies can also be achieved with video and visual content for more clarity to consumers.


#2: Client Testimonials

Usually, those looking for potential B2B vendors and business partners will usually focus on clients’ success stories. It is wrong to integrate too-enthusiastic type of testimonial or those make-shift testimonials. This in return can turn off any interest the person may have before visiting your site. Great testimonials are rather the ones reflecting issues that the target audience is interested in. Typical examples include customers success stories on video, at conferences, in Slideshare deck and similar scenarios.


#3: Industry Awards

One of the best ways to gain recognition and attract prospects is to display awards from well-known bodies or groups in the industry. The truth is, awards from credible personalities or groups in your industry also provide you with credibility and make you climb the top list of businesses that people want to associate with in your industry. You can also come up with your own award to recognize companies and individuals that portray your ideal clients.


#4: Having Key Influencers Associated with Your Company

When authorities in your industry or niche become your network partners, this can bring more credibility and recognition to your company, especially when these people mention you and your business in their blogs, tweets and other social engagements.


#5: Attending Conferences and Speaking in Such Meetings

Another B2B basic that can help take your business to the top is to attend and participate in conferences. However, ensure you master the subject matter of the conference if you must speak or participate in addressing the audience. Meetings such as regional events, industry seminars and university students’ gatherings are all great events that can showcase you and your business ultimately when you participate in an exceptional manner.

There are more B2B marketing basics with high potentials of boosting leads and sales, explore and integrate them into your marketing concepts fast!


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