Lessons from Effective PPC Advertising

Lessons from Effective PPC Advertising


Lessons from Effective PPC Advertising

There are many big businesses that spend quite a fortune on PPC advertising — I am talking millions of dollars here. For example, did you know that there are still niches where a click is worth as high as $100 in Adwords?


Well, in case you’ve NOT been to an Aboki to change some dollars recently, it goes for about N170 per dollar. That brings it to around N17,000 for just one click!


These people must really know something about marketing that you don’t or they are simply throwing away their money. So which is it?


The people managing everything about their marketing know a lot that the average person doesn’t even have an idea of. This article will bring some of them to your attention and show you how you can take advantage of that knowledge in growing your business even if you don’t do PPC at all.


1. These businesses know that a well fine-tuned marketing funnel is critical. They spend a large percentage of their budgets refining their sales process to ensure that there are no glitches. Here are a few things they do to ensure that…


a. They have superfast servers that load up pages as fast as possible. This means you don’t have to wait for anything on their site.


b. They send their prospects to a page that is uncluttered in design (clean and minimal but professional) and focus on just one call to action.


c. They make it very easy for you to deliver their call to action by giving you benefits that you simply can’t resist.


d. They usually ask you to do very little with a lot of big benefits for that little action (That action usually means getting your contact and permission to hear from them — It could be email, phone or a physical address).


e. They have great autoresponder sequences that allow them repeat exposure with their prospects. It takes up to eight exposures for the average prospect to become a customer.


f. They have very knowledgeable and courteous support staff that will give you the answer you need fast.


g. They make it easy for you to place your order. They support all forms of payment that their target customer is likely to be comfortable with. No, folks, you can’t find one of those sites that use only Paypal here.


Duplicate the tips listed above in your sales funnel and you’ll already be ahead of 90% of online marketers.


2. They look at the life-time value of a client and NOT just what they will make at first sale.


This is one mistake many small businesses make: They do NOT factor in how much a visitor is worth to them over the course of, say, five years. Why? They simply don’t know.


If your business knows that a customer will make them a total of N1 million in the course of 5 years, do you think it would be unwise for you to spend N30k to get such a prospect as a customer?


While your business may NOT be able to spend “insane” amounts on customer acquisition, you will be better positioned to go for prospects others don’t reach out to because you know they have long term value.




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