Top Online PR Mistakes to Avoid

Top Online PR Mistakes to Avoid

Top Online PR Mistakes to Avoid

Perhaps you already know about Murphy’s Law which says “anything that is capable of going wrong will eventually go wrong.” This point of view though amusing is also essential and teaches not to treat anything with levity. Did you ever come across O’Toole’s Law? It simply states “Murphy was an optimist.”
Online public relations popularly called PR is an aspect of SEO with great potentials to go wrong. You should try to avoid these top 10 PR mistakes;


#1: Don’t Underestimate Press Release When Conducting Your Link Building Campaign
Although there is no value that links in press releases add, you should not conclude that press release does not have a part to play in your link building campaigns. As you use press release to make journalists notice your story, you can benefit greatly from the clean link that the journalist will leave in your published article. So, ultimately, press release offers SEO value. In addition, when other writers, pros and bloggers like your post and decide to link to you from their own site, this is also a valuable SEO benefit.


#2: Your Press Release Lacks News Worthiness
Most people commit this PR mistake often by creating a press release that lacks news worthiness. This blunder got its peak in the SEO niche because press releases with keyword-rich anchor texts generated great results previously. So, as long as SEO benefit will accrue, a lot of people don’t mind publishing poor news stories. Gone are the days when it didn’t matter whether or not you create news worthy press releases. News worthy stories which are a great lure to journalists should become the order of the day. Read high quality posts in your niche to see if your own posts match them in terms of quality.


#3: Your Press Release Lacks a Single, Clear Purpose
There’s always the temptation to muddle up stories instead of maintaining the same line of thought about your client. Try and maintain the flow, but add a link to an internet press center or client’s news room for more information.


#4: You Fail to be in Charge of Everything
PR is a serious collaborative exercise. So, you have a lot of control such as the client, the client’s PR consultant, as well as control over a joint venture business partner. This long-chain increases miscommunication. However, ensure you track all the groups and activities involved in order to get the best possible result ultimately.


#5: Your Press Release is Getting into the Wrong Hand
Don’t just send your press release to thousands of journalists, be particular about the journalists you send your post. This is how to make sure your press release gets into the right hands;

Send to journalists you are familiar with or those that wrote about you in their post.

Also, send to Journalists you’ve researched extensively though you don’t know them.

You should also send to Journalists who appear on a huge distribution list.


#6: Your Press Release Lacks Proper Structure
An attention grabbing headline and irresistible first paragraph will surely get the attention of your target journalists with your press release. So, spend time to craft quality headline and paragraphs.


#7: Lack of Follow Up
A gentle follow up will help you maximize the benefit from your press release. It will help get you more stories.


#8: Don’t Leave the Journalists with Too Much Work

So, write a quality press release that they would want to publish immediately without additional work.

Finally, ensure you maximize your opportunities of generating editorial links.

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