Why the Convergence of Mobile and Digital is still not a Reality

Why the Convergence of Mobile and Digital is still not a Reality

Why the Convergence of Mobile and Digital is still not a Reality


Mobile vs PC: 

Mobile technology has slowly but steadily won the hearts of marketers all over the world. Smartphones are now an integral part of our lives as people move around with them all the time. For this reason, marketers know and value it as a way of attracting customers. While it may seem like mobile technology has a capacity to boost sales for businesses, it would be folly to use it as your only marketing tool. Customers are not cows that you can direct and move about as you will, to be able to get their attention, you not only need to invest in mobile, you also have to consider other digital channels.


As much as we have preached the gospel of integrating both mobile and PC together in this digital world, we are yet to see it take full effect. A major reason for this is the fact that mobile technology uses apps which the web world cannot integrate. As a marketer using the web, cookies are one sure way to understand their behavior and restructure your marketing strategies to suit them. Coming back to the app ecosystem, cookies have no place in it whatsoever. For this reason, marketers would have to find another way to understand customer’s behavior.


The truth is that the mobile world is more complex than that of the web. If a marketer wants to run a campaign on the web, for example, he would ensure he takes into cognizance the big four browsers; Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. With just a few tweaks here and there, he can run his campaign across all four browsers. In the mobile world where browsers do not play much role, campaigns have to be accessed through apps. This requires a totally different type of technology. It gets even crazier because with the apps, you still have to understand that there are different operating systems. So unlike in the web where one has to focus on designing on type of campaign, to get across to mobile users, you would have to develop several campaign types.


I decided to share with you this example among many to show you why mobile and other digital types are finding it hard to converge. This is the problem that many marketers face; to go mobile or settle for other digital forms.

According to Nielsen, he said that apps account for 11% on mobile web in comparison to 89% of all media time in mobile. You cannot just throw away the app ecosystem because, with the way things are going, you would lose out on many audiences. No doubt the future of marketing is in the mobile world but for it to be more effective, it has to be integrated with the digital world – both cannot perform best when alone. With time I believe that both worlds would find a way to integrate together but like other industry watchers, I dare say there’s a likelihood that the digital world would be the one to extend into the mobile.


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