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Digital Marketing And The Real Estate Industry In 2020

As it is with most fields, digital marketing is unarguably the future of the real estate. The outcomes are usually transformative. Yes, it is agreeable that most people will ultimately make a final decision only after seeing the property physically. But even before this, investors are highly likely to conduct rigorous research before viewing the properties in person. That being said, it is critical that you, as a realtor, have a strong online presence to boost your credibility.

Also, the digital convenience assists brokers in making the purchasing process so much easier for their customers. As a broker, you may decide to give your potential customers tour of the properties you sell online. Then, you can then do all the necessary paperwork easily without the need to go to your office.

Digital marketing hasn’t completely changed in the market. However, real estate developers have been increasing their focus on online marketing for years.

This change was necessary as a result of customers moving from more conventional methods to various digital tools. Property buyers have now developed a tendency to browse properties on Google or they opt for apps that simplify the whole process.

How Digital Marketing will Change the Real Estate Market in 2020

  1. Boost Exposure



Various commercial projects differ in scope, size, cost, and location. Having this in mind, digital presence becomes a very critical. To stay on course with the changing times, electronic marketers need to remain in line with the progressing technological developments.

When employing social media marketing, for example, it is important to continuously conduct research about your target audience to know what makes them involved with brands.

  1. Digital Marketing Automation

As a landlord, for instance, you have very little time in between daily and work activities for you to perform digital marketing on your own. Digital marketing requires that you are engaging, develop content continuously and do more customization.

But usually time is insufficient for most landlords or real estate agency owners. However, you can use the time you have in a more efficient way. To this end, digital marketing for landlords automation platforms are valuable for your situation.

With the right setup, it is possible to automate or outsource most of your marketing jobs, like running email campaigns, delivering targeted articles, etc. The good news is that these tools are more affordable in 2020.

  1. Chatbots

Chatbots have been around for a while now. This technology incorporates voice, text, and messages to engage with customers. Chatbots are utilized much longer than virtual reality. However, it is taking the spotlight now and in the coming years.

The market for chatbot would have an annual growth rate of over 24%. It is expected to reach $1.25 billion in a couple of years from now. Majority of businesses now are using chatbots as part of their customer support tools.

In fact, a lot of messaging apps are now offering bots to promote products and services. These apps offer chatbots to help brands in promoting their products and services while they provide personalized customer support experience.

The reason chatbots have been a success is that they can quickly and accurately provide answers to the client’s questions. Also, and more importantly, they can gather data about their users. These data are then analyzed and used to effectively boost interaction with them. Essentially, chatbots offer a more responsive way of dealing with customers.

  1. Augmented Reality

The biggest problem with marketing real estate is that clients need to view the property physically before they making a final choice. The good thing about this is that you can add augmented reality to your digital marketing.

There are various tools that let you produce virtual tours of properties. They can show your clients what a certain construction project will appear like when upon completion.

Virtual tours of the neighbourhoods are now seen necessary.

The reason for this is that obviously, tours could give prospective clients a feel for the surrounding area. It allows them to understand how it would feel like if they lived in the property as well as the neighbourhood.

Technology firms have also begun to release toolkits that make augmented offerings so much easier. In such a case, the accessibility of augmented technology becomes more possible in 2020. You need to consider technological enhancements for your real estate digital marketing strategy.

  1. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is currently disrupting how the world views payments, financing and monetary systems. Rentberry, for instance, is a rental platform that makes use of technology to simplify the rental process for tenants and renters. The benefits of this technology are however, now being utilized in digital marketing as well.

This technology allows marketers to track the placement of their ads and ensures that their consumers click their ads. As a consequence, customer engagement data become more accurate and reliable. This ensures that your marketing assets will not be wasted.

Because of its transparent nature, consumers have more control over what and how marketers are utilizing their personal information. When they trust you, they are likely to share their personal information. It helps you know more about them better.

  1. Social Ad Campaigns for Real Estate Digital Marketing

Social media is a reliable marketing channel. A lot of companies still do not fully understand how extremely effective this channel can be for your business.

A variety of fresh offers from the huge networks made it possible to get to target markets specifically and more effectively than in the past. These fresh offers would include geo-fencing and improved retargeting.

The trick to optimizing this channel is to create advanced social projects that use the complete variety of tools and styles. Companies that invest in advanced social media strategies are most likely to find exceptional returns on their investment.

  1. Influencer Marketing

People want original and real experiences. It is for this reason that potential clients are likely to believe a real person over the ad that they’ve seen. This is where influencer marketing becomes useful. It could be costly, but it is highly effective.

If you use it in your real estate marketing, you need to find influencers that can reach out to your target audience. To assist your campaign further, you can use an effective hashtag that your clients can remember easily.

Digital marketing for real estate is valuable. But, you must first understand your target audience. You can also engage the best real estate marketing agencies. With this, you can fine-tune your online branding to create a steady and consistent online presence that can help your brand in becoming recognizable.

People who are looking for or renting a property use the Internet regularly. That being said, it becomes more critical to have a strong online presence as a serious real estate agent.

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