What Enterprise-Technology Companies Need To Do To Drive Sales Growth

What Enterprise-Technology Companies Need To Do To Drive Sales Growth More often than not, B2B companies get subpar results from digital-sales initiatives; this problem also extends to tech companies. How then can this trend be reversed? In recent years, a lot of B2B companies have taken a cue from their B2C counterparts by growing their […]

23 of the Best Tools for Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing Campaigns: 23 of the Best Tools that Drive Results Without doubt, Inbound Marketing is one of the smartest, best, and most measurable ways a business can attract customers. Inbound Marketing is all about laying the foundation and attracting people to your digital properties in order to consume your content (which ideally should assist […]

What Do You Market In A Recession

How To Market In A Recession In any recession, marketers typically find themselves in a lot of confusion as to how to navigate affairs. This usually happens because no two downturns are precisely the same or similar. However, in studying marketing wins and failures of dozens of companies as they’ve steered through recessions from the […]

B2b Revenue Growth


How B2b Leaders Drive 5 Times More Revenue Growth Than Their Peers B2B companies have continuously embraced the digital revolution. In fact, it is no surprise that most are outperforming consumer companies in digitizing back-office workflows and resource planning. Including upgrading their existing IT architectures. But those efforts have tended to focus primarily on internal […]

Dark Social: How It Affects Your Brand

What Is Dark Social and How Is It Affecting Your Brand? The name “Dark Social” may freak you out if you have no idea what it means, but nonetheless, put your mind to rest. You probably already engage in it and have no idea of what it’s called. More often than not, the phrase “dark […]

YouTube Bumper Ads

Youtube Bumper Ads

YouTube Guidelines To Success In 6-Seconds A lot of brands choose to advertise on YouTube because it’s the world’s second most popular website, after the almighty Google. YouTube draws around 2 billion logged-in visitors a month. As a marketer deciding how to allocate your video ad budget, it is expected too have YouTube at the […]

How to Create Compelling Content in Boring Industries.

How to Create Compelling Content in Boring Industries. If you work in Fashion, tech, beauty, travel, food and entertainment, this post isnt for you. I’m sure you would agree that not every industry is as exciting. Creating creative content pieces for regulated, institutional, older industries, can be quite a challenge, but it is far from […]

From Growth To Retention

From Growth To Retention Introduction Currently, the preferred playbook for hacking your way to growth will be more dependent on existing customers than acquiring new ones, and more about demonstrating measurable proof of value than about feeding Google Adwords and making micro-optimizations on a webpage. Customer success team are the unsung heroes of many SaaS […]

How Digital Transformation Redefines Customer Experience

Digital Transformation: Redefining Customer Experience in 2020

Digital Transformation: Redefining Customer Experience in 2020 In current times, we’ve seen a massive change in customer experience and service practices driven by IT service providers, customers and vendors. Due to global digital transformation, the classical framework of customer experience is being disrupted. The digital age has completely transformed the way and manner in which […]

Digital Marketing And Real Estate Industry

Digital Marketing And The Real Estate Industry In 2020

Digital Marketing And The Real Estate Industry In 2020 As it is with most fields, digital marketing is unarguably the future of the real estate. The outcomes are usually transformative. Yes, it is agreeable that most people will ultimately make a final decision only after seeing the property physically. But even before this, investors are […]