Facebook Trends Of The Future Present

In February of 2014, Facemash founder, hacker, notorious internet villain and nergin, Mark Zuckerberg launched TheFacebook.com with a familiar promise- No Ads! Less than thirty days later, Mr. Zuckerberg’s tune changed (not) totally unexpectedly. Citing server costs, he told The Harvard Crimson that TheFacebook would need to “get some ads going”. Of course. By April, […]

The Future Is Digital and It’s Here To Stay

    Puns are still corny in the future- here’s one: digital marketing is evolving at digital speed. Puns aside, some things do change. For instance, Ads go where Ads have never gone before and humans are replaced by artificial intelligence programs.   Digital marketing is so vastly different in the future than it is […]

The New Google Ads – Your 2019 Guide

What You Should Know In response to years of complaints and feedback with regards to the complexity of incorporating analytics with ads, Google came up with a rebranding solution; making a complete switch from what was previously AdWords, to what is now Google Ads. Google has also merged its other digital marketing tools into Google […]

Your Complete Guide to Understanding Sponsored Content

**Content can take a variety of forms. However, for this article, content in this context means articles. What is Sponsored Content? Native advertising is defined by The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) as paid ads that are so unified with the page content, integrated into the design, and aligned with the platform behaviour that the viewer […]


Long before influencer marketing was considered real media, there were celebrity endorsements. In today’s digital world, however, niche content creators with large and engaged audiences are often more profitable and valuable to brands than celebrity endorsements in several ways. While celebrity endorsements connect the reputation of a celebrity to a brand or product, influencer marketing […]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Google Keyword Planner

The consistency of an Adword campaign’s lifecycle is enabled by new and improved keyword ideas. Whether you’re new to PPC or have been running campaigns for years, further keyword research is always welcome. As a beginner, you need keywords to establish a basis for your campaigns.  As a veteran, you need to constantly take your […]