Digital Analytics

Marketing is primarily driven by data and analytics.

Understanding how fans and visitors interact with your brand on social media and the web can help drive your marketing campaigns.

With us, you get a holistic approach that qualifies and quantifies all your initiatives to help you track, measure, and grow your business. We provide the right tools and services to help your business measure and track your digital marketing strategy. We believe that data and tracking are the backbones to improvement, growth, and innovative tactics that give your brand a competitive advantage.

Our Process

  • 01.
    We examine your business needs and goals to develop a quantifiable playbook to define, track and measure.
  • 02.
    Research and Analysis
    We examine your current placement and efforts in the industry and pin point areas for improvement.
  • 03.
    Once we’ve established our starting point and where we want to go, we begin to execute a digital analytics strategy to transform the way you measure, interpret, and digest your data.
  • 04.
    Google Analytics
    We can help you set up and learn how to measure your growth through Google Analytics.
  • 05.
    Online Tracking and Analytics
    In conjunction with Google Analytics, we’ll show you how to correct and measure your online performance and see how it stacks up to the competition. You’ll get insights into all your digital efforts from your website, to SEM to social media, to email marketing.
  • 06.
    Conversion Rate Optimization
    By tracking your data better, we can help you turn your visitors into leads and sales. We’ll help you develop a concise and easy to follow sales funnel that continually grows your business.