Digital Media Buying

Not all impressions are the same. Your brand will connect better with the right audiences, improving consideration, brand awareness, and revenue, through an established, full-funnel approach to digital marketing. We’ve served businesses through a driven media planning and buying operation.
For the past 2+ years, we’ve managed integrated, full-funnel programmatic media solutions.
We engage your audience whenever, wherever, and however they consume content, with the latest technology and digital insights.

We operate media buying through several methods, including:

  • Programmatic buying: which is used to target the extensiveonline audiences that fit your criteria. This includes real-time bidding, which immediately serves ad impressions, after finding your audience online, ergo reducing costs significantly.
  • Direct placements, where rates are negotiated rates with content owners & premium publishers.

Together, these digital media buying approaches provide access to many impressions daily across every channel: display, search, mobile, video and social – each offering its own advantages.
We also conduct media campaign analysis and reporting to improve your spend on a consistent basis.