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Digital Media Training | Markova Creative | ROI Focused Digital Agency

Digital Media Training


Digital Media Training

These days, there are a lot of Social media gurus in town, each claiming to have a Eureka-ish approach to digital marketing for business. But the truth is; digital media is young, and we all are trying to catch up with it. There’s so much we don’t know about the sphere of web 20, but we know this; it is here to stay, and organizations that aren’t playing in this field, aren’t playing to win.

We also know that for small businesses, an ad agency isn’t a priority, because you lack the right cashflow, to afford to hire an agency’s time to handle your web marketing. We understand that, and that’s why we introduced our digital marketing training workshops, called Do-It-Yourself Marketing.

Please note, this isn’t a fancy PowerPoint filled event with a certificate of participation at the end; this is a very hands-on, practical workshop aimed at helping you become your own digital media agency, to raise your business up until you can afford to hire us.

We hold 5 workshops every year, each covering a specific topic, ranging from Facebook Marketing and search marketing to website analytics, all aimed at teaching you how to make digital marketing work for your business.

Why are we doing this? What’s in it for us? Good question. We believe that digital marketing can positively help all organizations irrespective of size, location, industry or BUDGET and if you can’t afford to hire us, you can at least take our training, on how to do it yourself. When your organization grows large enough, you will feel comfortable doing business with us. You have done it yourself, so you will demand high standards of us, and if you decide to take your business anywhere else,you won’t be bullshit-ed by anyone else.

Interested in taking a class? Please fill our form, and we will contact you with the all relevant information for our calendar of workshops for the year.