Google Display Advertising

Google Display
The Google Display Network Is the largest advertiser network of websites, containing millions of websites around the world, all centered on a variety of themes.

Google advertising display network allows you to place graphic image advertisements (static or flash ads) on a large variety of websites. These ‘placements’ as they are called, are either contextually targeted (placing ads on pages with relevant content across the network) or you can also manually select the pages to place your ads.

If your intention is to grow brand awareness, this is a very valuable addition to your marketing mix.
There are numerous targeting options you can use to hone in to your target consumers such as:

  • Age Targeting
  • Interests
  • Contextual targeting (Based on the content users are reading online)
  • Remarketing
  • Audience targeting (Tailoring your campaign to specific audiences e.g Shoppers, travelers