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Now you can follow your Favourite Hashtags on Instagram | Markova Creative | ROI Focused Digital Agency

Now you can follow your Favourite Hashtags on Instagram

Now you can follow your Favourite Hashtags on Instagram


Could Instagram be any better?

Just a week after Instagram announced a new set of Snapchat related features: Stories Highlights, which allows you show-off certain Instagram Stories on your profile for as long as you want, and Stories Archive – which saves your Instagram Stories automatically when they expire. Instagram kicked in a more impressive tool-like feature all its users will love and find handy.

Now, with its newest upgrade, Instagram lovers searching up hashtags on the daily can now follow their favourite hashtags in addition to following other accounts.

Interestingly, the upgrade is designed to help you “discover more posts from the interests and communities you care about,” Instagram said in a release. With the new upgrade, it’ll be easier for you to keep up with your interests—be it photography, beauty, travel, food, or more—while using the app.

So, instead of manually typing all the hashtags you search for, you can simply follow. And when you follow a hashtag that catches your interest, Instagram will produce a selection of top posts on the hashtag.

However, we wouldn’t leave you a blank space without filling in the gaps on how this new upgrade works. Even though we are pretty sure you have an account and know the basics of operating one.

Here’s how it works:

1) Search a hashtag that interests you on the app.

2) At the top of the hashtag landing page you searched for, you’ll see a “Follow” button. Click on it.

3) After clicking on the “follow” button, you’ll be able to see the best posts under that hashtag on your feed and Stories. Plus, you can choose to unfollow a hashtag any time.

4) In addition, other users will also be able to see what hashtags you follow by tapping on the “Following” section on your profile. Your Following list will be separated by “People” that is, the users you follow now and “Hashtags.”

There you have it! how the new hashtag upgrade works.

Nevertheless, with these fast-paced changes, we have no idea what the next Instagram feature will be, but if there’s one thing’s we certain about: The app has become so much more than a place to slay or post pretty photos.


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