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Who We Are

We are a bunch of weirdo, coffee drinking, tech savvy, late sleeping, creative thinking, boundary pushing, table shaking, passionate folks who are interested in one thing; driving digital marketing results for your brand and business.

What We Do

We work with some of Nigeria's leading brands to engineer ROI focused digital campaigns and activities that attract, connect, engage and convert Nigerian consumers online.

How We Do It

We do this by leveraging the best of digital strategies, learnings, platforms, tools and technologies, as well as a deep knowledge and understanding of our target audiences.

Why We Do It

We believe that the most sustainable way to keep money flowing in our pockets, is to engineer campaigns and activities that keep the money flowing in our client's pockets. Its that simple.

We Take Care of Your Digital Marketing, So You Can Take Care of Your Business.

We are Markova Creative

The fastest, easiest and most effective way for brands to launch digital campaigns that drive results. We are obsessed with results and ROI, with a relentless focus on the consumer.

Founded 7 years ago to help ambitious and growing brands, we believe in out thinking rather than out-spending to drive marketing results.

Do you feel the same way? We want to meet you.

What we do

We offer a tactical set of services you won't find in a lot of agencies:

Digital Marketing Campaign Development

Our agency works great as an extension of your internal marketing team reaching millions of Nigerian consumers using various targeting options, through integrated platforms such as paid search, display advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, CRO/UX and more.

Social Media Marketing/Community Management

The days of getting an intern to "oversee" your social media are over. When it comes to executing a successful digital marketing strategy, there are too many silos of specialized knowledge that have to be leveraged and integrated together in order to be effective. Our seasoned digital team can ensure that you are getting the right messages, to the right people, in the right way.

Content Marketing/Marketing Automation

At Markova Creative, We create high performing, measurable content that adds real value to the customer experience and delivers your brand promise, to the right people, at the right time, on the right channel. We create content strategy and creatives that deliver. Our content gets your customers' time and attention.

Digital Marketing Strategy Development

We believe we can, and will introduce you to some of the most effective and up-to-date digital marketing technologies used by the world's most successful companies and help you build unique and effective marketing campaigns to grow your company at a pace that you can manage.

Web/Application Development

We believe websites should be designed to look fantastic, represent your organization, be user friendly, optimized for mobile phones, search engine optimized and deliver measurable results. We create websites that have a meaningful and measurable impact on our client's bottom line. Because creating business for our clients is our goal.

Creative Design & Development

We believe that client results and stunning design are inseparable. Using product design, visual effects, 3D graphics design and motion graphics, we ideate, design and build creative and impactful campaigns for some of Nigeria's most innovative brands.

Our Work

We Don’t Usually Brag, But…


Unity Bank
Bama Mayonnaise
Bama Mayonnaise
Dano Milk
Dano Website
Dano Milk
Hot Forex
Dominos Thanks a Box
Aeida Group Website Development
Dominos Pan Pizza Launch
Casio Digital Campaign
Cambridge Weight Plan Digital Campaign
Dano Flavoured Milk Launch
Freshforest Digital Campaign
Oxygen Broadband Digital Campaign
Oxygen Broadband Digital Campaign
Pido (Paycom) Digital Campaign
Lenovo Digital Campaign
Page MF Bank Digital Campign
Fine and Country Digital Campign
SPAR Nigeria Laptop Promo Digital Campaign
SPAR Shopper's Program Digital Campaign

Our Approach

We focus our campaigns on six unique pillars.


Data-Driven Campaign Optimization.

We believe that the single greatest factor in digital campaign success is flexibility. We heavily rely on real time campaign data to generate actionable insights that drives the campaign.


Creative Still Matters.

Marketing is still a business of connecting with people. We believe that if more attention is given to the creative development process, it will 10x the impact of media, as the content developed is worth consuming and sharing.


Good Campaigns Take Time:

While virality is always a welcome opportunity, the most successful campaigns are those built for the long game. We believe that Good campaigns should be planned with consistency and sustained efforts over a considerable period of time.


Customer Value Optimization:

While some marketers believe in delivering campaigns with the lowest cost and/or CPA, we focus on generating the highest customer lifetime value, even at the expense of cost. We do this by addition of tripwires, upsells, and other forms of profit maximizers to generate maximum lifetime value.


Always be Helping:

We believe that the most important mission a brand can have is to develop content, tools and properties that add the most value to the customer’s lives. We help our brands engineer moments that bring them closer to customers.


Speed is Better than Power:

We are NEVER stuck in analysis paralysis. We build our campaigns with speed in mind. We listen to the data, and act accordingly, instead of spending too much time over-planning. We have launched multi-touch, multi-channel campaigns in under 4 hours in the past.

Are we a good fit?

Let's be honest; we are not a perfect fit for everyone, and we accept that. We only want to work with clients that we can have the greatest impact with, add tremendous value, and build lifelong relationships with.

Our services are usually a good fit for brands and businesses that:

Have a large enough customer lifetime value to support and sustain marketing initiatives on an ongoing basis.

Have some experience working with digital agencies/consultants to develop digital strategy.

Have the financial resources to sustain digital marketing initiatives for a minimum of 12 - 24 months.

Have a dedicated/Semi-dedicated brand/marketing department or lead.

Currently spend or plan to spend between $1,200 - $25,000 per month in digital marketing.

Have worked on a digital activity in some capacity in the last 18 - 24 months.

We are not a good fit if:

You don’t get marketing: We are happy to educate, but not spend time justifying marketing value.

You don’t trust an outside team: You will have to empower us to do what is right for your business/brand.

You do not value or pay for strategy: We only work with clients, upon first developing a strategy to drive their digital campaigns/content.

You don’t have the time: You have to be ready to dig into deep conversations, research, and explore insights into your customers and their needs.

You know exactly what you want, and want ONLY implementers/ Order Takers: We take a strong consultative approach, and have to co-create the plans before we go live with a campaign.

You don’t have a dedicated budget: We only believe in consistent focused marketing. We work with business that have defined clear dedicated resources to drive marketing.

How to get started

Thinking of working with us any time soon? Here is our process

Get our Proposal

Click here to Enter your name, and email address in the form , and we will send our agency proposal to your inbox, detailing what we do and how we can drive your objectives. We consider your privacy seriously, and we will NEVER spam you.


Quick Consultation

If you find that we might be a good fit for your organization after you have reviewed our proposal, please send us an email to indicate your interest. We will jump on a quick call consult to help define your marketing objectives and align on expectations

Strategy Development

When we have understood your marketing needs and expectations and we believe we might be a good fit, we will proceed to work on developing a short roadmap - detailing the strategy, scope of work and cost implication aimed to fit hand-in-glove with your marketing brief.


Alignment & Kickoff

When we have come to an agreement on the scope of work, costs, team and strategic direction, we then shake hands and get to work on Asset creation.

Creative Development

Based on an already defined scope, we will then proceed, building creative, content, tech and other campaign assets such as landing pages, websites, social pages, ad accounts, ad images, videos and other deliverables necessary to launch a digital campaign.


Campaign Launch and optimization

After all creative assets have been developed and all pre-launch deliverables have been achieved, your campaign is ready to go live. We then put a dedicated team in place to constantly drive, monitor and optimize the campaign every day going forward. Reports will be generated and discussed routinely.

Frequently asked Questions


How Long Will It Take Markova To Have A Solid Understanding Of My Business?

We operate a consultative system at Markova, and depending on our partnership with you, it would take us anything between 2 weeks to a month to have a solid understanding of your business.

How Long Does A Campaign Typically Take?

Campaigns lengths are typically dependent on your business objectives. They can span between 3 months to a year.

Are You Open To Signing Bonds, Non-Disclosure, To Non-Compete Agreements?

Yes we are, the privacy and success of your business is of utmost importance to us.

Why Use Markova When My Business Can Hire Someone In-House?

We have the advantage of speed, cross-brand experience, specialization and industry know-how that is extremely difficult to replicate in-house. However, we work with a number of brands with in-house teams to give top-level strategic support.

Do You Have Minimum Length Contracts?

Yes, our pilot campaign is 6 weeks long. If we are presented with a deliverable which is likely to take longer, we will advise you to set realistic expectations from the outset.

What Markets Do You Cover?

We currently partner with top level digital teams to operate in the English-speaking markets of West, East and Central Africa.

Are There Any Conditions Under Which You Offer Traditional Marketing Services?

No, we strictly offer digital marketing services.

Do You Send Competitor Intel As Part Of Your Weekly Or Monthly Reports?

We do this on demand, depending on the campaign scope.

How much experience does your team have and do they have experience in my particular industry?

We have accrued a large knowledge base over 150+ campaigns over the last 7 years in a variety of platforms, in a variety of industries, so we are pretty sure we have solved a problem like yours before. That being said; we are prepared to do whatever it takes to understand your industry, your target customers, and your marketing objectives.

Do you offer rich media, video and enhanced creative options to engage audiences?

Yes. We often offer rich media and other enhanced creative options aimed at amplifying engagement with a variety of audiences. We don't slap it on every single campaign though; we use it whenever we identify and establish the need for it.

Do you offer performance guarantees?

Not really. We understand that there are a number of forces that are outside the purview of marketing, so we can predict the outcome to a very accurate level, but we still don't have guarantees.

Can you provide a list of references for current clients?

We certainly can send you a list of references upon request. Some clients are more privacy conscious than others, but we certainly can send you a verifiable list of present and past clients.

We’ll help grow your brand and business faster than you could on your own.

If you would like help with your digital marketing; if you’ve hit a ceiling;

if you're having trouble finding the time; or if you’re actively looking to move your digital marketing to a specialist agency,

we’d like to hear from you.