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Social Media management | Markova Creative | ROI Focused Digital Agency

Social Media management


Social Media Management


The days of getting an intern to “oversee” your social media are over. When it comes to executing a successful social media marketing strategy, there are too many silos of specialized knowledge that have to be leveraged and integrated together in order to be effective. Our seasoned digital team can ensure that you are getting the right messages, to the right people, in the right way.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. State of Brand Audit

We will initiate the relationship by conducting a State of Brand Online Audit. This exercise is aimed at outlining and establishing where the brand is today – in terms of online assets, search share, online properties available, engagement rate, online market share, ROI of current social media efforts, etc.

This is aimed at understanding the company’s current potential, as well as marketing challenges , and this will inform the scope of work needed to achieve the brand’s objectives.

  1. Conversational Calendar Development:

We intend to develop fresh and engaging conversational topics and content aimed at engaging our target audience, and building a valuable relationship with the brand.

These content will be repurposed and storytelling native to each of the platfoms

Website – 1 Blog post/week

Email – 1 Weekly Newsletter/week

Facebook – 3 Facebook Post/day

Twitter – 24 posts/day

Instagram – 3 posts per day

LinkedIn – 3 posts per day

  1. Activation Calendar Development:

We intend to develop a monthly activation calendar, aimed at engaging consumers, and encouraging participation by consumers, in a brand controlled environment.

This schedule of online events will also drive the conversational calendar, and will be promoted across all of the brand’s online platforms.

  1. Dedicated Social Media Manager

We intend to assign a dedicated community manager to your account, aimed at ensuring seamless 2 way communication flow between brand and consumer.

The major brand promise to be fulfilled by the team is to ensure that every action on any of the brand’s social   pages by a consumer is re-engaged by the team in 10 minutes or less.

Real-time reports will be generated and sent to the brand team regularly, complete with recommendations.

The manager is also responsible for project managing and spearheading the strategy and ideation of social media activation campaigns for the brand.

The manager can also be made to operate from the client premises in order to be as accessible as possible.

Social Media Management Tools

Based on the top line social media strategy, we intend to select, implement and train users on a number of social media management tools, that will be useful in the campaign. Software used include:

Conversational calendar scheduler

Social Listening tools

Identifying social influencers

Social loyalty marketing platforms

Social media advertising campaign management platforms

Social CRMs etc.

Social survey tools

Measurement, Reporting & Analytics:

We help our clients make assess the efficiency of their social media efforts, by deploying a dedicated dashboard, hosted on a unique URL.

This dashboard will give real time reports on page growth, reach, engagement rate, impressions, clicks and other KPIs relevant to the brand throughout the duration of the relationship.

This dashboard will enable us observe trends in real-time, and optimize our campaigns accordingly.

Interested? Get in touch with us today to have a chat about how to leverage on social media management to amplify your marketing efforts and drive your business goals.