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Top Tips on How to Generate Twitter Followers for Free | Markova Creative | ROI Focused Digital Agency

Top Tips on How to Generate Twitter Followers for Free

Top Tips on How to Generate Twitter Followers for Free


Top Tips on How to Generate Twitter Followers for Free


Are you finding it difficult to increase your follower base on Twitter? Are you itching to know the strategies that generate more followers?

Contrary to what people think, it is quite easy to generate more Twitter followers, how? It is simple; follow people and they will in turn follow you back! If you know people using Twitter, they are potentially the thousands, if not millions of followers you have been struggling to get all along.

But, remember it is best to go for targeted followers and not just anyone. You are looking for followers that will be potential customers to your business right here in Nigeria.

Therefore, here are top tips to generate Twitter followers at no cost;


Tip #1: Follow individuals who share your content

People who view your blog or other contents and went ahead to share it with Twitter users should make the best list of your new Twitter followers. So, keep an eye on those who share your content releases and add them to the list of people to follow. They are most likely to also follow you.

In order to determine those sharing your contents, one of the best tracking tools is the Brand24. When you integrate this tool, you can conduct a Twitter-only filter in order to find people on Twitter who shared the post.


Tip #2: Use Relevant Hashtags to Tweet

Most times, people use hashtags that are unfruitful and nothing but time wasted. To increase your chances of generating more followers, integrate only relevant hashtags in your tweets.


Tip #3: Participate in Tweetchats

Twitter conversations on a specific topic at a particular date/time are called tweetchats. A typical exmaple is the Blogchat, which is Sunday evenings Twitter chat. If you participate in the chat, you can meet several users in the blogging niche. Tweetchats offer excellent way to generate more followers since people of like-mind will want to follow you when you engage with them through Tweetchats.


Tip #4: Follow People Who Are Relevant to You

Some research with the right tools will reveal the right people to follow. Subsequently, they will follow you back. I do not fail to check who my new followers are on a daily basis. Once I find any of them relevant to my niche, I do not hesitate to follow them back! And, the right tool for finding the right person to follow is the SocialBro.


Tip #5: Share Content Posted by Others

It’s just like the Golden Rule that says “Do to others what you would want them do to you” Once you start sharing and promoting contents from others, they will take note and return your following. Don’t forget to mention their names in the tweet in order to boost the chances of following you back.

Here’s an instance; “Very insightful post – Best ‘Approach’ to Losing Weight http://www.romeo.com/weight-loss-best-approach/…via @romeo’


Tip #6: Tweet Captivating Content Always

One of the best ways to generate Twitter followers faster is to always tweet great contents. Do this by building up a queue of tweets with tools like Hootlet or Buffer. Another strategy is to start conversations and monitor keywords.


Let’s share in your thoughts.



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